Dec 29, 2013

TS3 Through You


  1. Breathtakingly beautiful! Hello sweetie, I hope you are well and you spent the Christmas holidays well! I miss you and our chats very much! A very big hug and many kisses on your forehead! xoxo Love u!

    1. Of course I downloaded it :)
      I just do not know , if you want the complete list is displayed of your uploads, when clicked dowload? Enjoy your evening my beautiful! xoxo

    2. Hello my beautiful Nicky, I miss you too, I have been working like crazy at my 2 jobs, the only days off I have if the 24 -25 of December and the 31st and 1st of January. I am so exhausted like no one else can be, but I want to go on vacation in April with my dear family so I am trying to make as much money that I can :)
      Thank you for letting me know about the link. I was trying to fix it, and i thought i was the only one that could see my entire list, but I guess everyone else could. It's funny, because my list showed that no one as downloaded my stuff, which is good, so no one was able to see the real amount lol. Love u too my dear friend, i hope you had a nice Christmas as well. Kiss kiss, and a huge hug my dear Nicky!!♥


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