Apr 29, 2013

TS3 Toddler Pose Set 2


  1. Wow, this is really great poses for toddlers :) Excellent work, my friend Marty. The little girl looks like real babies. ♥ Beautiful sweetheart.♥ I am thrilled wonderful photo slideshow. Thank you very much and I appreciate such great artists like you, dear Marty. Have a nice new week. Hugs.

  2. Heeeeeeeello my beautiful!! OOOOOMG, you do not know, hoooooooow long, I've been waiting for!! I am absolutely speechless!! Yeaaaah, new, sweeeeeeeeeeetie, cuuuuuuutie Toddler pose!! * Happy *
    Absolutely great!! Woooow!
    I can not at all wait to see this in the game!
    Thaaaaaank u my sweet, for your great work!!
    A huuuuuuge hug and kiss on your forehead the biiiiiggest! Xoxo

  3. Love your toddler poses, it's one of the best out here!!!

  4. So cute! :) Love the poses. ♥

  5. Ahhh..... thank you so much Niki, Nicki, Selena, and Katty, your comments means so much to me :)♥


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